To find out more about how I work, be assured that I draw from evidence-based modalities that have been shown to alleviate distress, concerns and much more.

At times I may also work from a more spiritual angle; this is ONLY through your consent as it does not have the same evidence base given that it is more “energetic” and “esoteric” but many people love working this way; any results gained are purely anecdotal.

Feel free to click through the links here – my work is integrative, drawing from these modalities:  Person Centred, PsychodynamicSystemicCBTHypnotherapy/ NLP and BWRT®.

It is a great idea to have a vision of the life you would prefer to be living –  how do you want to FEEL?

Everything we discuss is confidential with some exceptions that will be discussed at our first meeting.  I can offer you a package of 4-6 sessions that will be designed to your specific needs.

Please note that 48 hours notice are required if you wish to cancel otherwise a charge may be made.  If I need to cancel or change our session time, I will honour the same principle.

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