Weight loss & Eating Issues

I am a follower of the Ketogenic Diet (High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carbohydrate) as researched by Tim Noakes et al, which also includes cutting out sugar and using a substitute such as Stevia and more as detailed in Noakes’ book “The Real Meal Revolution”. I also recommend books by Michael Moseley. I have devised recipes and discovered ways to lose weight effortlessly. In addition, I take regular exercise in the form of running in order to keep me fit and healthy.

I offer therapeutic coaching to help with your “weight mindset” and pinpoint the tools that have not only worked for me but thousands of others who follow the keto plan.  Together we can devise a programme of support to help you in your weight loss goals.  We can also look at why previous diets have failed and use hypnotherapy to counter that from happening again.

Please get in touch with me initially to discuss a plan, and once we have talked about what you require and agreed an initial appointment, please complete the form below.

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