Online work via Skype (including instant messaging) has been shown to be effective with clients who seek therapeutic coaching but find it difficult to attend sessions in person.

Working to find answers this way can be liberating and the heart of the matter can be explored more quickly. Writing is therapeutic from many perspectives.

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Before commencing working, your suitability for online therapeutic coaching will need to be assessed simply to keep us both safe, and you will need to complete a form and sign a contract to say that you accept my terms and conditions.

For email support Fees are based on a weekly rate which is available on application. An initial email exchange (one on each side) is free of charge to see how we can work together.

Email therapeutic coaching involves an exchange of emails via an encrypted server. Everything will be explained to you at the outset to facilitate an easy collaboration.  I use protonmail which is easy to set up and doesn’t suddenly discontinue if you don’t sign in for 30 days as is the case with Hushmail!

The first email you need to send would involve you giving me a description of the issue(s) you face, what brings you to therapeutic coaching and what you would like help with. As soon as we have agreed to work together, I will contact you setting out the terms of our agreement.

You can also contact me via skype.  Contact me to set this if up if required.