Booking Sessions

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When you contact use to book a session, that day and time will be reserved for you unless you confirm otherwise.  Bookings made and not attended can incur a service charge to cover time.  If we can fit you in on a different time the same week or there are mitigating circumstances there will be no charge at our discretion..

Please note this and give at least 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel; if you have booked during the weekend, a short note the following Monday if you wish to cancel is appreciated. You can access your booking by clicking the link in your email.

We are all human and make mistakes but if we haven't heard from you and your booking has been confirmed by email, it's courtesy to indicate if you cannot attend.  Provisions are made to have the room available, notes or glasses of water etc and it does cost if the session is not attended, with no notice whatsoever.

Thank you for reading.

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