What is the Subconscious mind?

I can’t claim to have written this but I found in one of my folders, located in 2015. This is a difficult question to answer. You see, obstacles arise right away because there is no single or precise definition of what the subconscious mind is. Almost every form of therapy or philosophy has its own […]

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Relationship Sabotage

Do you sabotage your relationships?

Our Minds

Or… how to Eradicate Irrational Thought Processes


Relationships…. love them, hate them, desire them… want to make sense of them?


What happens to your relationship when you bring a child into the world?

Just Let Go!

Do you know what it feels like when people constantly tell you to “let go” of your struggles?

Divorce – A New Beginning?

Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events in life.

First Aid for Anxiety

Anxiety – a quick first aid guide

Conscious Relationships

Conscious Relationships – Two Scales of Intimacy and Depth

Books I recommend

Below is a selection of books I have read and can recommend to help you in your relationships and your life generally.

Scales of Relationships

Conscious Relationships – Two Scales of Intimacy and Depth

What now?

What do you do when it’s all going wrong?

Tips to build self-confidence

“How can I build my self-confidence”?

Relationship Quizzes

Click here to complete a relationship quiz

Relationships – 12 Top Tips

Top Tips for Managing Your Relationship

Imago Work

When working with relationship issues, I often refer to “Imago Therapy” which was coined by Harville Hendrix who

The five stages of grief

The five stages of grief, taken from Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Relationship Patterns

Do you find that you keep repeating relationship patterns

How to heal your Relationship

Healing the Cycles that Tear Couples Apart [click the title for the original link]

Are you in an abusive relationship?

Are you in an abusive relationship?

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