Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, almost like our mind is on the fast spin cycle and we may feel like we are losing control.  Check out this page for Anxiety First Aid Recovery.


Anyone can get nervous at times when significant events loom.  From tests to exams, public speaking, interviews, or for musicians experiencing performance anxiety such that it prevents them from at times from performing to their highest.


Or in social company, we might struggle to find the right words to generate a discussion.  Perhaps a significant event has happened and suddenly – for no reason  – we get anxious.


That feeling of our palms getting hot, our heart racing and adrenaline kicks in – and we have no idea how to channel that adrenaline positively.  We are in “fight or flight” mode.


We know we need to manage it but don’t know how.

Let me help you overcome your fears!


Sometimes a level of anxiety keeps us safe, from becoming complacent; but when it paralyses us, it can stop us functioning, leading to a desire to withdraw.


When the event is a regular occurrence and this feeling overtakes us, it needs to be looked at differently such that we can manage these feelings safely and move on through the event without panic or anxiety.


Why not try this test to see how you are right now?

This is a test from the NHS which you could also try