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cropped-cropped-Kate-Nov-2014-cropped.jpgHi I’m Kate and Welcome to my site!


My desire to help others stemmed from my curiosity in understanding the world and people and their connections. I was born in Switzerland to a Welsh father and an English mother; lived in Manchester, again in Switzerland in the 70s, then Kent, London, Derby, Oxford and now Malmesbury.  I’ve experienced many life changes!  I love people, animals and all living things but also have a deep appreciation of life’s energies and am an endless truth seeker.


Working with me is ‘holistic’ and results orientated to help you live a better life, free from troubles and issues that are bothering you. I will help equip you with the emotional and practical tools you need to feel better.  My aim is for you to feel lighter, clearer and calmer, with a greater degree of clarity after a session with me.


My work is integrative – so it works with your processes and whatever you bring.  It can be rapid, effective and permanent, but also collaborative in that we work together FOR you.  Drop me a message or give me a call!


My practice is situated near the river in Malmesbury, a beautiful outlook onto fields.

When I am not working as a therapist, I run, enjoy walks with my significant other and my dog, Elise1spending time with my daughters, singing in a choir, listening to music.I write reflective poetry and find that therapeutic writing helps many.



I also have a sense of humour…. Check out my blog for more about me and my writings.


What I appreciated most about the counselling [with Kate] was a time for reflection and ability to talk freely.




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