cropped-cropped-Kate-Nov-2014-cropped.jpgHi I’m Kate and Welcome to my site!

My desire to help others stemmed from my curiosity in understanding the world, people and social connections. I love people, animals and all living things but also have a deep appreciation of life’s energies and am an endless truth seeker.


Working with me is ‘holistic’ and results orientated to help you live a happier life.  My aim is for you to leave our sessions feeling lighter and calmer with a greater degree of clarity.


What I appreciated most about the counselling [with Kate] was a time for reflection and ability to talk freely.

My experience spans over ten years within the talking therapies.  I also have a spiritual slant so do check out my “Working Spiritually” page if you are interested.

Sessions with me will help you gain effective results in many areas such as:

Eradicating Self Sabotage
Letting go of Past Baggage
Release from Anxiety & Stress
Relationship Issues
Improving conflict and much more.

People gain positive changes through working with me.  I believe we all instinctively hold the potential inside ourselves to transform lives.  Perhaps you just want to feel heard by someone impartial to process what you are feeling, or you have a life-changing decision to make and you need that safe space.

One to one appointments are available in Malmesbury, Wiltshire or if you cannot attend in person, via Skype or online [email] therapeutic coaching.

I belong to professional therapeutic organisations and adhere to the NCS and BPS code of ethics.  I hold full Professional Indemnity Insurance, and am fully committed to regular ongoing continuing professional development.

My work is integrative – so it works with your processes and whatever you bring.  It can be rapid, effective and permanent, but also collaborative in that we work together FOR you.  Drop me a message or give me a call!

My practice is situated near the river in Malmesbury, a beautiful outlook onto fields.

When I am not working as a therapist, I run, enjoy walks with my significant other and my dog, Elise1spending time with my daughters, singing in a choir, listening to music and watching films.  I write reflective poetry and find that therapeutic writing helps us all.


I also have a sense of humour…. Check out my blog for more about me and my writings.