What to Expect

You might be wondering about your first session, and what to expect, and you may be feeling in distress so why not call me for a free telephone session where we can talk about what is bothering you and see how I can help you. Some therapists will feel just right and you will feel completely at ease straight away. If I feel I cannot help you then I will say so and refer you to someone who may be more suited to you and your issues.

Once you have decided on your therapist for the particular issue you have, it is a great idea to have a vision of life after therapy – how do you truly want to FEEL? See what you feel after reading some of my posts on here, and also check out my blog where I’ve written or borrowed many articles that may help, so you can see where my passion lies.

Everything we discuss is confidential with some exceptions that will be discussed at our first meeting.  If you are signing up for hypnotherapy sessions, I may suggest a fixed number of sessions at a fixed initial fee; thereafter if needed we may agree “maintenance” sessions on a pay as you go basis may work well.

Another way – with a purely counselling or psychotherapeutic approach is to agree to weekly sessions for either a time-limited period of time, or open-ended with an ending session to review and reflect back on how things went for you.  Please note that 48 hours notice are required if you wish to cancel otherwise a charge may be made.  If I need to cancel or change our session time, I will also endeavour to honour the same principle.

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