Anxiety and panic attacks are unpleasant states of inner turmoil, almost like our mind is on the fast spin cycle and we may feel like we are losing control.  Check out this page for Anxiety First Aid Recovery.

It is important to note that anyone can get nervous at times when certain events occur in our life.  From taking tests and exams, to public speaking, interviews, or for musicians experiencing performance anxiety such that it prevents them from performing their greatest joy and feel like they have somehow shortchanged themselves in their career.

Sometimes in social company, we may struggle to find the right words to generate a discussion.  It may be that a significant event has happened and suddenly – for no reason that we can think of – we start to get anxious.  That feeling of our palms getting hot, our heart racing and the adrenalin kicks in – and we have no idea how to channel that adrenalin positively.  We know we need to manage it but don’t know how. I understand about anxiety and have managed to overcome it in several situations where previously I may have voiced something too quickly and then shut my mouth before anyone could judge me aversely – realising that actually they hadn’t really heard what I had to say. As a choral singer I have also managed performance anxiety by just “doing it” and learning tricks that help me go on stage and just sing. I am also an introvert so inner contemplation is part of my innate personality! So be assured I would totally understand your situation and do my utmost to empathise and help you overcome your inner fears!

Sometimes a level of anxiety keeps us from becoming complacent; if we were completely relaxed all the time, perhaps our performance might be below par, but when it paralyses us, it can stop us from functioning completely, leading us to want to withdraw as soon as we possibly can.

But when the event is a regular occurrence and this feeling overtakes us, it needs to be looked at differently such that we can manage these feelings safely and move on through the event without panic or anxiety.  So that we can succeed in our exams, interviews, social situations and more.

Anxiety disorder can be crippling for some people – it can stop us achieving our full potential, it can make us feel as though we have something seriously wrong with us.

I have worked successfully with adults aged 16 and upwards experiencing symptoms of anxiety, many of whom have gone on to achieve their dream job and pass exams that they felt they couldn’t tackle.  I can work in a way that is completely tailored to the individual.  My approach is to first understand and get to know the person and what the triggers are, and if agreeable, introduce some gentle hypnotherapy and visualisation so that the triggers are managed and the importance is lessened such that an individual’s true potential can come through.

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